What are floss sticks?

Floss sticks are individual plastic pieces with a small amount of floss threaded through the opening. They’re commonly referred to as floss picks.

There are different kinds of floss sticks and they come in two main shapes: flat and curved.

Flat floss picks look like a harp, but are harder to use for the back of your mouth. For that reason, most people prefer curved floss picks.

Curved floss sticks are notably more efficient than flat ones. They’re really the kind of floss picks you should be looking at since they’re designed to reach all mouth parts without any hassle. Long-handled floss sticks that have disposable floss tips do an excellent job at cleaning between the teeth properly.

Are They Worth Using?

We’ve all been told again and again how incredibly important flossing is. The majority of gum diseases tend to start right between our teeth. This is why your dentist seems very adamant about knowing how regularly you floss and probably asks you every time you go!

Yes, brushing scrubs your teeth’s flat surfaces well, but it barely reaches the little-curved areas in between, where the gums overlap the tooth.

Numerous studies have proved that floss sticks are as effective as regular floss.

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More Info

When using a floss stick, ensure that you don’t force it down between the teeth as you could damage the gums. Preferably, you should use a gentle, sawing motion in order to ease the floss in between your teeth. Push the floss through the tight space gently. You can then pull the string tight against one tooth. Gently scrape up and down, releasing the film on your tooth surface. Repeat that with the next tooth before popping the floss stick back out. In case your teeth are considerably close together, you might require more than one floss stick per session because the string will sometimes shred.

Among the best aspects of floss picks is that you can have several of them stashed in your briefcase, purse, or backpack for use when returning to the workplace after lunch. It’s much healthier and more effective than using toothpicks or just suffering with food stuck between your teeth.


Some people find it difficult to make use of floss sticks. They can prove even harder if your teeth are very tight together. To achieve the best clean from a floss stick, you might need more than one as opposed to regular floss where you’d only need one piece.

Why You’d Want to Use Floss Sticks

They’re easy to use. Floss sticks make it easier to floss. They’re especially handy if you’ve difficulty using your fingers or hands with traditional dental floss. They also make it much simpler to reach the back of your mouth, which can be difficult with regular floss.

They’re also simply effective. Lots of evidence concludes that floss picks are remarkably effective at removing food particles and other dangerous plaque between teeth. It has been proven that floss sticks are as effective as traditional floss. That has been attributed much to their shape.

Dental experts and organizations like the American Dental Association (ADA) recommend flossing for 2-3 minutes. Most people prefer flossing before heading to bed. You shouldn’t overdo flossing, once a day is enough. More than that risks damaging your gums.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Flossing goes a long way towards keeping your teeth and gums healthy, thus preventing gum disease. However, that’s only one part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Regular visits to your dentist are also necessary to keep your smile healthy.

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