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Church & Dwight Close-Up Fluoride Toothpaste, Freshening Red Gel 4 oz

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Close-Up Toothpaste is designed with a cavity fighting formula to leave teeth feeling clean and strong. it also gently lifts stains and whitens teeth while the cinnamon flavor helps to prevent burning (see details).

The ADA lists fluoride as a defense against tooth damage. So, it’s no surprise that Close-Up uses fluoride as its main ingredient. Besides this, the foam texture helps to lift surface stains. This leaves you with a brighter smile that looks and feels stronger helping teeth appear whiter without bleaching.

The anti-cavity formula means that Close-Up restores teeth damaged by acid-based foods. As such foods are linked to tooth damage, it makes sense that brands like Close-Up are taking note of what makes toothpastes effective.

So: what makes a good toothpaste?

Firstly, a good toothpaste should remove plaque.  Secondly, it should avoid harming the enamel.

The ADA states that a good toothpaste:

  • Contains at least 1000ppm fluoride.
  • Contains only sugar free sweeteners.
  • Has a relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) of less than 250.
  • Allows you to maintain a good oral hygiene routine.*

*In short, the ideal toothpaste is one that works long term. Factors that impact this include texture and taste.

Good toothpaste criteriaClose-Up Toothpaste
At least 1000ppm fluoride1000ppm
Sugar free sweetenersSodium Saccharin
Relative Dentin Abrasivity less than 25080
Makes you want to use it?Pleasant cinnamon flavor with foam texture.

With proper use, Close-Up Fluoride Toothpaste protects teeth against damage. This is because fluoride enters the tooth to reverse early signs of decay. So, when combined with water intake, Close-Up strengthens teeth (view on Amazon).

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Pros and Cons

Church & Dwight Close-Up Fluoride Toothpaste, Freshening Red Gel 4 oz


  • Gently cleans and whitens teeth.
  • Protects against damage.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Low RDA level.
  • Burn-free flavor.


  • Costly compared to other toothpastes.
  • Only one flavor option.

Short Summary

Close-Up Toothpaste targets enamel damage by mixing with the calcium in saliva, restoring tooth enamel.

While Close-Up is costly compared to other high street toothpastes, it is aimed towards those seeking stronger enamel.

It also offers a change from mint toothpastes which can be a cause of irritation for some people.

5 things you need to know about Close-Up Toothpaste

1. Does it work?

Close-Up Toothpaste’s goal is to protect against damage.

The ADA pinpoint sugar and acid-based food as causes of tooth decay. With this in mind, Close-Up Toothpaste features fluoride to target damage. It also works well with Close-Up mouthwash and water.

As well as this, Close-Up Toothpaste includes these ingredients:

  1. Sorbitol: a non-cavity causing sweetener which offers flavor while prompting saliva flow.
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfate: a foaming agent that helps the product to enter tooth enamel.
  3. Cellulose gum: a buffering agent which helps the product’s moistening ability.

2. Will it damage my teeth?

Good toothpastes are free from tooth damaging products. This includes sugar, which leads to tooth decay. Instead, Close-Up Toothpaste uses artificial sweetener, sodium saccharin. This flavors the toothpaste but with less risk of decay.

3. Does Close-Up Toothpaste protect your teeth?

Close-Up Toothpaste meets the ADA’s requirement of a 1000ppm fluoride content. Fluoride also restores teeth and protects against damage.

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4. How does Close-Up Toothpaste taste?

Unlike many high street brands, Close-Up uses cinnamon flavor rather than mint. This prevents burning and is also great for those who don’t enjoy mint.

5. Is there something better?

This product is best for those concerned about tooth damage. Besides this, it is also a mint free option.

It is also worth noting that Close-Up Toothpaste is not a bleaching product. If you are looking for whiter teeth, either try bleaching toothpastes or other bleaching products.

Yet, one of Close-Up’s selling points is its foaming texture. This targets hard-to-reach areas. It also appeals to those who enjoy foaming textures and are seeking a cleaner feeling result.

Close-Up Toothpaste bonus

Also available is Close Up Gel Toothpaste Red.

Close Up Toothpaste 75ML White
  • Item display volume: 75.0 milliliters

Close-Up Toothpaste ingredients

Active: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.8%).

Inactive: Sorbitol; Water; Hydrated Silica; PEG-32; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; SD Alcohol 38-B; Flavor; Cellulose Gum; Sodium Saccharin; Red 33; Red 40.

Active ingredients create direct changes in chemical compounds. In contrast, non-active ingredients usually act as binding agents. It is worth noting that they do not affect the body.

Is Close-Up Toothpaste any good?

Because of its fluoride content, Close-Up toothpaste protects teeth by restoring tooth enamel. Its cinnamon flavor also prevents burning and results in fresher breath. Close-Up’s unique foam texture helps teeth to feel stronger and fresher while lifting stains. In sum, Close-Up cleans tooth surfaces to leave teeth feeling stronger and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Close-Up use sodium fluoride or stannous fluoride?

Close-Up uses sodium fluoride.

Does this product whiten teeth?

Fluoride toothpastes lift surface stains. While Close-Up will leave teeth looking brighter and cleaner, it avoids peroxide products. These are used for bleaching.

Can it result in burning?

Close-Up Toothpaste lowers burning risk by switching mint flavor for cinnamon. Also, if you have sensitive teeth, try a small amount of the product first.

Does the tube stand?

No. Close-Up Toothpaste features a fine-capped tube, which makes it unable to stand.

Does the product affect sensitive teeth?

Close-Up Toothpaste has an RDA of 80. This scores low on the RDA scale. At the same time, it is not made for those with sensitive teeth. With this in mind, another product might be more useful.

How often should I use it?

For best results, use twice daily.

Can I use this instead of bleaching products?

Close-Up lifts surface stains, so this whitens the teeth slightly. For deep stains, try peroxide-based products.

Does Close-Up contain bleaching products?

No. But due to its fluoride content, Close-Up fights against plaque and tooth decay, leaving teeth whiter.

Does the product foam?

Yes. Sodium lauryl sulfate creates Close-Up’s foaming effect. This also allows it to spread across the mouth and to awkward areas.

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